How Is Habit Catalyst Different?

How is Habit Catalyst different?

Many of you have probably seen other habit softwares hitting the market recently.  

This is awesome because it means that coaches are starting to embrace this coaching style and the public at large is responding very favorably to it.  

Each product out there definitely has its strengths and weaknesses, even Habit Catalyst.

Habit Catalyst is not done yet.  We are going to continue to drive this thing forward based on our users and their feedback.  It’s pretty cool right now, but that doesn’t mean we are going to settle.  

Today I want to highlight a few things we are doing differently at Habit Catalyst (HC).


Habit Catalyst is Not a Nutrition Software

Habit Catalyst is not a nutrition software.   This may come as a shock to many of you because we made you believe it was a nutrition software.   I’ll take the blame for that one.

Yes, HC does making coaching habit based nutrition exponentially easier but it’s not solely a nutrition coaching software.  

A better way to look at HC is as an education and accountability software.  HC gives you a better platform to deliver education with an accountability component to make sure the client is taking action.

Let’s look at a quick example…

At my gym, Functional Fitness (FF), we are using Habit Catalyst to supplement our 21 day trial sequence.

Basically, anyone who wants to join FF has to go through a 21 day trial period.  This makes sure that we are the best fit for them and the client is a good fit for us.

Habit Catalyst now guides the client through this process.  It educates them about Functional Fitness, who we are and what we are all about.  We prompt the client to check-in with the software by simply answering if they read the lesson yesterday.

This gets the client interacting with the FF brand from day 1.

No other gym has a special software to meet their clients where they are at…on their cell phones.  And then actually knows and cares if the client follows through with what they are supposed to do.

It’s an instant differentiator!

Accountability is a core principle at FF and this lets us set the stage right from the beginning.

This allows us to over deliver on day 1.

When the prospect becomes a client we seamlessly transition them to one of our nutrition suites.  

Custom Coaching

Most systems on the market force you have to setup a program in advance and then hope it’s the right habit sequence for that particular client.  

It’s kind of like cookie cutter training programs.  One program fits all.

We give you the freedom to choose.  You can decide to run the program as is or tweak it to meet the client’s needs on the fly.

Here is an example.

Some of our clients do individual coaching and have regular meetings with us.  It’s in these meetings that the coach and client decide on the next step forward.  Or more specifically, the next habit they want to work on.

When the client gets input in the decision, a sense of autonomy, compliance is much higher because the client decided on the habit.  

This can pose a problem if you set the program up in advance without the ability to change anything.  

We thought about this.

With HC, you have the ability to change a client’s program on the fly.  You can rearrange habits, you can add new habits, you can even take a habit from a different suite and add it into a current client’s program.  

This allows you, the coach, to easily customize the program for your clients.  And, charge a premium price for it.

Don’t Break the Bank

Most habit based softwares are extremely cost prohibitive for the gym owner or trainer with more than a handful of clients.

Most range from $5 to as much as $20 per client.  There is no way I am going to put 100 clients on something that expensive.

With HC, you never pay more than $1 per client.  The system is meant for volume.  We want you to change the world, not just a few people.


You Control The Content

One important principle behind HC is that the user, YOU, have complete control over the content.

We provide pre-made content but open source all of it.  You are unique, that is why your clients train with you.  Thus, we think your content should be unique too, if you want of course.

Use our content as is, change some of it, or create from scratch.

You choose.  

Our mission is to create the best possible platform for you to coach from.

Are we perfect? Far from it!  

Just like you continue to improve to be a better coach, our team is going to keep pushing Habit Catalyst forward based on user feedback.  

We have a couple major features we are planning out right now and we want to hear from you.  What do you want Habit Catalyst to do so you can be a better coach?


Remember, it’s free to sign-up.  No credit card required.  Get in, play around and let us show you how you can make a dent in the universe with Habit Catalyst.  

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